Condition monitoring

In condition monitoring you can monitor the conditions (moisture, temperature, etc.) of places, buildings, and structures while they are been built and years after that.

Fleet tracking & management

Vehicles are a significant investment to any company, and they should be fully utilized and efficient. Fleet management makes sure you fleet is maintained as it should be, you know exactly where your vehicles are, and get alarms from your vehicle data.

Rental asset monitoring

Rental businesses get sigficant benefits from monitoring their assets. Operators know where the assets are and if they are working properly.

Monitor your smart products

Have you built a smart product and now want to monitor it? Get up and running with a ready backend.

Green house monitoring

Monitor the conditions (such as temperature, moisture, humidity, wind) of professional greenhouses or plantations.

Cold storage unit monitoring

Monitoring cold storage units is a cheap insurance against storage equipment malfunction.


Real-time monitoring

Monitor your assets

  • Location of your assets in real-time
  • Data from your assets in real-time
  • Graphs of received data easily accessed

Events & alarms

  • Define alarms and events for data
  • Real time monitoring of events
  • Set low-pass, high-pass, and inside-a-range filters
  • Send notifications of events to users groups

Fleet tracking

  • Track location, vehicle attributes and journeys of your fleet
  • Journey logs for tax keeping
  • Analyze if your fleet is efficient

Agile work management

Service and maintenance ERP

  • Manage customers, contracts, and products
  • Support tickets
  • Manage work orders and connect them to customers, assets, and events
  • Schedule work orders (maintenance, repair, etc.) for yours assets

Assets management

  • No more spreadsheets!
  • Safely store you assets in one safe place
  • Monitor assets information
  • Schedule maintenance tasks for assets
  • Track custodians


  • Easy access management per asset/device
  • Have multiple applications with one user account for different business areas
  • A fully managed cloud solution with good terms and ownership of your data



  • IoT-cabable storage
  • Monitor all the data you want and only save the important data for long-term


  • Import customers, contract, and products from your existing systems
  • Forward events and create work orders to your existing ERP


  • Secure REST API to send data from your services and devices
  • Support for several IoT devices and IoT hubs

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